Tornado Working Principles

  • 1. It produces disinfection gas mixed ozone and plasma by the internal generator.
  • 2. The disinfection machine automatically releases disinfection gas and disinfects through the special tube into the interior of CPAP.
  • 3. Disinfection gas permeates thoroughly the whole inside of CPAP, and achieves the total sterilization.
  • 4. Ensure to keep the concentration of disinfection gas by the timer device, to     guarantee the sterilization effect.

The major design changes of Tornado

  • More comprehensive --- it can also disinfect the tube and the heated humidifier.
  • More convenient --- it uses battery, don’t need alternating current and simulative blocking cup.
  • More considerate --- while disinfecting, it do not need to start the CPAP.
  • More economical --- don't need to buy a special bag, any bags around us, even recycling bags can be used for disinfection.
  • More portable --- high (16cm), width (7.5cm), depth (5.3cm).

Advantages of  Tornado

  • Several patents guaranteed
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Design according to customer habits
  • Non-toxic and efficient sterilization
  • Smart and practical design
  • Multifunction:it can also disinfect tableware and commodity.
  • It fits all major brands of CPAP machines and it’s easy to operate.

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